Zoology Department

Zoology Department


  • Aim to provide excellent, highquality and value based education in relevant to local, regional and national needs.
  • To provide training in the field of Biological sciences and apply themselves meaningfully in any activity requiring Zoological experiences.


  • To develop Knowledge, skills, confidence, understanding nature and relationship, in the students to nurture, survive, cherish and prosper
  • To encourage the students to develop leadership, integrity, personality in a holistic manner
  • To acquire knowledges on taxonomical status of various animals and its relationship to man and environment
  • To impart quality education to the educationally and economically backward students


  • The Zoology department aims to provide, to study the diversity of fauna, ecology, economy and ethology.
  • To develop knowledge and integrated scientific applications of various field of Zoology.
  • To work on research projects and apply those knowledge to conserve our natural heritage.
  • To educate and train a wide range of biological and biotechnological based skills that provide the platform for future careers in the field like Agriculture, Medical and Environmental science management, teaching and research.